It’s that time of year when an awful lot of people turn their thoughts to better health – fat loss, wellness, less illness, more energy, happier, healthier lives.  It’s natural after the typical holiday dietary excesses leave us feeling fat, bloated, tired, rundown, and sick.  It’s the time of year when we feel the most sick and tired of being sick and tired.  We have an urge to purge.  We want to forge into the new year feeling better, looking better and able to take on life better.  Who wouldn’t want all that?

If you found your way here while looking for resources or a path to help you in your health and fat loss goals, or you are a regular reader whose life got in the way and you want to get back on track, or you just want to be reminded why a *SANE lifestyle is awesome – you’ve come to the right place.  Hello!  Welcome!

If you’re lost with where to start, this post will get you going in the right direction as fast and easily as possible, because healthy shouldn’t be hard or complicated.  I didn’t want you to feel like you had to go all over my blog trying to find all the necessary info to get started, so I put this together so you had it all in one place to refer to as you get going.

1. Read these pages for an overview and links to everything you need to get started:

FAQ: What is SANE?

SANE Lifestyle —> Start here!


2. Order my *SANE Cookbooks and subscribe to this blog to get new, delicious free SANE recipes delivered straight to your inbox the instant they are published.  These SANE recipes mean that you can get started on your health and fat loss straight away while you are reading and learning about a SANE lifestyle.


3. Progress not perfection!  Make *SANE work for your life and your family. You have to do what works for you as you start this amazing journey. So if taking smalls steps to *SANEity works for you, do it. If going cold-turkey on your current way of eating, diving right in, and being 100% SANE works for you from day 1, do that!  Decide what’s possible for you to do to keep you on track and then do it.  Your path will be different to someone else’s, and that’s OK.  It is more important to keep moving closer to health than it is to be perfect.  Start where you are and move forward.  Take the first step in the right direction and you will already be in a healthier, happier place.


4. Know that you can do this.  Let me know how I can help!


2015 is your year.  Just do it :-)



*SANE™, inSANE, SANEity – terms used in Jonathan Bailor’s books, The Smarter Science of Slim (out of print) and The Calorie Myth.

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In this crazy, unbalanced world we live in, most people – at least in the “civilized” world – want or expect instant gratification.  I can push a button on a website and instantaneously receive a text from them.  In New York you can push a button up on and have the stuff delivered to your doorstep within 60 minutes.  I can post a picture or a status update on Facebook from my phone and within minutes have interactions from friends all over the world simultaneously.  I can upload a check (cheque) to my bank on my cell phone while sat at my kitchen island in my pajamas at 5:53 am, coffee in hand, and within 30 seconds have used that money to buy something online that will show up at my house the next day.  It’s magical.  I am constantly marveling at the technology we have in this day and age.  The things we can do are just totally stinkin’ awesome.  It wasn’t so long ago that getting a message to someone on the other side of the country  – or heaven forbid an entirely different country – took weeks if not months to arrive.  Now I can sit in my favorite green leather chair in my lounge in Seattle typing a message into my phone and have that message pop up on my brother’s cell phone or laptop in England within seconds.  It’s wild.  We can even communicate – in real time – while we’re flying through the air, 30,000′ above the ground and get a response back from someone on the ground or on another plane almost faster than our ability to think.  Sometimes the incredibleness of what we are able to do has me feeling like my head will explode trying to grasp the complete wonder of it all.

We’ve got so used to things around us happening immediately, to the point where we expect everything to work that way, but there’s some things that just don’t.  Our bodies are such an example, which is both ironic and annoying because it’s probably the thing we’d most like to have instantaneous results with.  And yet, every January when the New Year rolls around, we scour the internet for The Thing that will finally work miracles on our bodies.  The missing link.  The wonder potion or miracle diet that will magically make the number on the scale go down and the fat rolls shrink.  Every time Dr. Oz spins up another bottle of snake oil people all over America think this time it’s The One – despite the fact that he has been called on the carpet over and over again for peddling rubbish that doesn’t work.  Because surely in this instant gratification world that we find ourselves in, we must be smart enough to have developed something that will bypass nature and transport us to health and body-fat-free nirvana in – at most – a week.  Or, when people do start eating the right way – the way that actually causes their bodies to automatically  balance hormones and burn fat – they’re still secretly searching for The Thing that will make it all go faster and easier.  We’ve become Now Junkies.

I get it – I really do.  I haven’t always enjoyed the health and fat-loss I do now.  I understand the frustration of feeling like you’re not getting results.  I understand the emotional pull and excitement of all the infomercials and get-thin-quick potions, books, and programs.  I’ve been there.  Despite all I now know I still find myself wondering sometimes if maybe that latest Thing does work and whether it would allow me to get there faster or with less effort.  They don’t.  They won’t.

Lovely readers I hate to break it to you, but when it comes to health and fat-loss, the truth is: There is no silver bullet.  There is no magical pill, potion, liquid, diet, program, or anything else that will transform your body into a healthy, fat-burning machine – especially in 7 days, 10 days, 2 weeks, or even a month.  Dear people – there is no secret.  Or rather, the secret is…there isn’t one.

Diets (where a diet is defined as a way of eating that is not sustainable, viable, or reasonable to follow long-term or does not provide basic nutrition requirements) don’t work.  Raspberry ketones don’t work.  Green coffee beans don’t work. Slimfast doesn’t work.  I could go on and on.  And on.  But you’ve all seen the endless commercials, books, websites, videos, DVDs, and what-not proclaiming that this time our search for The Thing is over.  And it just occurred to me that they are all right.  Your search for The Thing IS over.  Because there isn’t A Thing.  Stop the search!  Let’s call this whole thing off.

Here’s what will result in long-term health and fat-loss: living a SANE lifestyle – which simply means eating the *SANEst real food that you can and pairing that with a small amount of eccentric exercise every week.  Then add some stress-reduction and improve the quality and amount of sleep.  That’s it.

You won’t get overnight results, not because a *SANE lifestyle doesn’t work, but because our bodies don’t work that way.  It takes time for our bodies to heal from years of dietary abuse and hormonal imbalances.  Your body didn’t take 4 weeks to get in the state it is today, so why do we think it’s possible to reverse all that in a heartbeat?  But when you have healed your body, got your hormones sorted out, and fixed your metabolism, your body will start to work as it is supposed to, which includes burning off stored fat.  And how do you make all that happen?  You simply live a SANE life.  The results won’t be immediate, but they will come.

So starting right now – if you are serious about getting healthy and burning body fat – here’s what I’d love for you to do:

  1. Stop spending money on diets, pills, potions, liquids, programs, books, DVDs, or anything else that promises you dramatic weight-loss results, or weight-loss results in a short amount of time.  Stop spending money on diets, pills, potions, liquids, programs, books, DVDs, strange sports equipment, or anything else that promises you weight-loss results with no little or no effort from you.  You’re wasting your money, truly you are.  In your heart you know it.
  2. Stop spending money on junk, fast, processed, sugary, and starchy foods.
  3. Instead, spend that money buying real food – the SANEst you can, a gym membership or some simple, inexpensive home equipment, and a Vitamix.

All the time I hear or see people complain about the price of real food – which will actually help them reach their goals – while simultaneously handing over their hard-earned $$$ for diets, pills, potions, liquids, programs, books, DVDs, or other things that will not.  Not only does the money spent on 1 and 2 above not get them closer to their goal, it actively moves them farther from it.  Spending hard-earned money on real, SANE foods will move you closer to your health and fat-loss goals than anything else.  Anything.

If you came here looking for the latest, greatest flashy program with innumerable fancy videos and other bright shiny ways to persuade you to part with your cash in return for something that sounds like weight-loss utopia, you’re in the wrong place.  If you’re looking for a hype-free, sales-pitch-free, gimmick-free lifestyle that will help you reach your wellness and fat-loss goals permanently – plus a whole bunch of delicious recipes to get you there – you’re in exactly the right place.

There is no silver bullet.  The faster we truly internalize this, the sooner we can start focusing on doing what will get us to where we want to go.  And the sooner we will get there.





*SANE™, inSANE, SANEity – terms used in Jonathan Bailor’s books, The Smarter Science of Slim (out of print) and The Calorie Myth.

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  • Danielle - I love this post so much Carrie, all I can say is WORD!! Here’s cheers to living a SANE lifestyle – it’s not about fixing the bark or the leaves of the tree, it’s about working on healing the roots to sustain long term health and wellness. Yipeee to that and hooray for people like you xxxReplyCancel

  • Susan - Well said!ReplyCancel

  • Pat - Having tried almost all of the above, I say Amen! You are absolutely correct. Keep it simple by eating real food and the right amount of exercise. Thanks Carrie!ReplyCancel

  • Lynn - Carrie, what a fantasticaly truthful, realistic and honest post. It is so easy to think “what if those magic beans DO work”.

    People are paid large salaries to seduce us, the magazines all have headlines which imply that if you follow a few simple steps you will look like their “body beautiful” model. Who, as well as being lucky in the genetic material she was given, also has the full time job of “being a gorgeous as she can be”.

    Thanks again for telling what I (should) already know!! xReplyCancel

  • Joan - Thank you, Carrie! I am new to SANE eating, but I am not new to having tried every other diet and gimmick out there! At 64 I have been on diets all my life. It has taken me all this time to realize that they do not work long term…. that is not what they are meant to do. SANE eating IS meant to be long term…. forever! Thank you for all your help to give us delicious recipes to stay SANE and for your entertaining. informative dialogue. You can be sure that I will be reading,,, and using your recipes.ReplyCancel

    • carrie - Thank you, Joan! I hope that what I do continues to help and support you in your journey.ReplyCancel

I decided that a lovely, *SANE muffin – or twelve – was an excellent way to start the year.  So I made you Raspberry Almond Muffins, or, as my brother pointed out while we were Skyping a few weeks back, a Bakewell Tart in a cupcake.  If you don’t know what a Bakewell Tart is, now you can experience what one tastes like without the accompanying *inSANEity that a traditional one would give you.  I call that a win win.

I didn’t have plans to make you anything raspberry in the middle of winter until I toddled into Trader Joe’s and saw 12 oz boxes of fresh raspberries for $3.49.  Wait.  What??  Even in summer I get excited if I see 6 oz for $3.99.  But 12 oz for less than that IN DECEMBER??  Those sparkling, deep red berries were coming home in my basket.  Boom!  Scrumptious Raspberry Almond Muffins powered me around Southern Oregon and Northern California for the holidays.  Hurrah!

There were several iterations of these produced before they were up to par for sharing with you, mainly because there was this very upsetting fruit-falling issue.  No one likes a soggy bottom.  But you know me – never one to let a sinking raspberry halt the parade.

I had lovely reader Wren Tidwell test the final recipe for me and her verdict was, “They are beautiful and delicious!”  Thanks, Wren!

Here.  Have a Raspberry Almond Muffin.  And a very Happy {SANE} New Year!

Raspberry Almond Muffins
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 12
  • 6 oz. / 170g almond flour (NOT almond meal)
  • 1 oz. / 30g chia seeds, ground
  • 1 oz. / 30g egg white powder
  • ½ tsp. sea salt
  • 3 tsp. baking powder
  • 3 oz. / 85g xylitol
  • 1 tsp. guar gum
  • 6 oz. / 170g fresh raspberries
  • 1 egg
  • 2 tsp. almond extract
  • 6 fl. oz. / ¾ cup thin coconut milk (carton)
  1. Preheat oven to 325 F
  2. Spray muffin tins or silicone cups with coconut oil
  3. In a large bowl mix the almond flour, ground chia seeds, egg white powder, sea salt, baking powder, xylitol, and guar gum together well.
  4. Cut raspberries in to quarters.
  5. Gently mix raspberries into the dry mixture.
  6. In a small bowl mix the egg, almond extract, and thin coconut milk together well.
  7. Add the egg mixture to the dry ingredients and stir quickly and well. It will be very thick.
  8. Use a quarter cup (or similar) to scoop mixture out into muffins cups / tins.
  9. Bake in center of oven for 40 minutes.
  10. Remove from the cups / tins as soon as they are cool enough to handle and cool completely on a wire rack before packing in an airtight container.


*SANE™, inSANE, SANEity – terms used in Jonathan Bailor’s books, The Smarter Science of Slim (out of print) and The Calorie Myth.

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Hello, friends!  An exceedingly Happy New Year to you!

How are your 2015 resolutions coming along?  I’d love to hear about the things that you are going to focus on in 2015 and the things that are important to you.

Ah, yes.  I forgot.  New Year resolution-making isn’t terribly cool and trendy these days is it.  In fact, it seems to me it has become a thing to be ridiculed.  I’ve been pondering this the last few days – as the endless snide commentary has started galloping around the internet – because it never used to be that way.  It used to be that most everyone made resolutions, with enthusiasm and gusto and with a sense of hope and renewal.  Even in England! :-)

I have come to the conclusion that the problem with resolution-making is not the resolutions.  The problem is the modern disease of resolution mockery.  Resolution-making has become the star of innumerable memes and the butt of more jokes than there are marshmallow Peeps {***warning! this link could be extremely damaging to your health! proceed with caution!***} produced in America each year, which, according to the interwebs is over 700 million.  And boy ain’t that another blog post in the making.  Resolution-making, I offer, has been systematically reduced from a fine, noble and useful endeavor to the internet’s favorite winter comedy show.  It feels like more and more people are embarrassed to share that they have New Year resolutions, and an increasing number have just stopped making them.

Having spent several days thinking about why this might all be, I was left with the following thoughts:

  • We fail to keep resolutions – in part – because the mockery has now conditioned us to believe that we will.  We’ve been told long enough and loud enough that everyone fails by mid-February – so we do.  It’s almost like we feel we need to do what the world expects us to do.  Like a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  • No one likes to be mocked or ridiculed, so to avoid the onslaught of resolution ridicule we just don’t go there.
  • Sharing of resolutions is often met with some form of “Uh huh, we’ll see how long THAT lasts.  Ha ha.”  Even from people who like us.  Weird.
  • Those that mock seem to want others to fail.  Maybe this is because they have failed to keep resolutions themselves, so if they see others succeed they feel doubly failed.  Or maybe it’s because they don’t believe they can keep resolutions themselves, so they feel the need to bring others down.  Or maybe I am completely on the wrong track here, but I just don’t understand why people would want to ridicule the genuine efforts of those that want to improve themselves and their lives.

I don’t subscribe to any of that.  I love resolutions, and I think resolution-making at the start of each new year is a brilliant thing to do, and since I don’t write this blog in order to get more ‘likes’, nor do I give one fat flying squirrel what others think of me, I am going to openly encourage you to stand strong and show the world how magnificently successful resolution-making can be.

Let’s give the finger to the world of resolution ridiculers!  Let’s inspire others with our resolve and can-do attitude!  Let’s rock this resolution thing!

Data shows that people who explicitly make resolutions are 10 times more likely to attain their goals than people who don’t explicitly make resolutions.  10 times!  If you want to be a better version of yourself this year, make some resolutions that will get you there.

www.carriebrown.comYou got this.




*SANE™, inSANE, SANEity – terms used in Jonathan Bailor’s books, The Smarter Science of Slim (out of print) and The Calorie Myth.

What does SANE mean? Click here.Want more scrumptious recipes? Click here to check out my SANE Cookbooks!
  • Pat Otto - I make lots of resolutions every year. I know I won’t keep them fully, but small steps are still steps. If I say I will walk every day, I know that means I will walk 3-4 times a week. If I only resolve to walk 3 times a week I may not walk once or twice. I am not hard on myself. If I resolve to read 30 books a year and read 25, that’s okay.
    Not setting goals is giving up before you begin. Requiring perfection shouldn’t be part of the resolution process.ReplyCancel

  • Staci Thompson - Great post – So my resolution is to keep my “things” picked up so I don’t have to do the kabillion-hour-depressing-time-sucking-marathon cleanup every year. Now it’s written! Just love your blog (and the sides cookbook, we bought that over Christmas) and writing, have a great 2015.ReplyCancel

I am not much of a stats girl when it comes to my blog, or Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media.  I don’t obsess over how many ‘fans’ or followers or visitors I have.  I don’t write my posts with a focus on numbers, or a goal to get more people to like me or to make more $$.  If a post is read by 85 or 85,000 people it doesn’t leave me feeling any more or less successful, or any better or worse of a person.  I don’t see my blog as a competition with either myself or anyone else.  My agenda is to help and inspire, and if I help or inspire even one person to live a longer, better, healthier life, I am thrilled.

However, I find it fascinating to see, at the end of each year, which recipes were the most popular.  It helps me to determine what might be most useful to you going forward in your health journey, and that is important to me.  Super fascinating to me this year is that the Top SANE Recipes of 2014 are almost identical to the Top SANE Recipes of 2013.  Now that may be because I wasn’t able to do a lot of recipe developing this year and focused mainly on tips for living SANE.  Or it may be because all our new SANE friends loved the same recipes as those of you who have been coming here for a while.  Who knows!  What I do know is that if you haven’t made any of these recipes yet – by popular vote you clearly ought to.

THANK YOU for being here in 2014: I could not have done it with out you.

I totally heart you, lovely readers.

Hardcore Green Smoothie

Peanut Butter Ice Cream

2013-5-27 Lemon Shortbread Cookies-7567

Lemon Shortbread Cookies

2012-11-4 Dark Chocolate Espresso Cookies-5100

Dark Chocolate Espresso Cookies

Hot and Nutty Cereal

2012-10-28 Cheesy Scones (Biscuits)-5034

Cheesy Scones / Biscuits

Strawberry Milkshake Green Smoothie

Chocolate Raspberry Green Smoothie

SANE "Sugar" Cookies |

Sugar Cookies

SANE Meringue Cookies | Carrie Brown

Meringue Cookies

There were a lot of non-recipe posts in 2014.  Here’s the Top reads:

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It’s all just thermodynamics, right?

What’s in my cupboards?

What was your favorite SANE recipe of 2014?  What tip helped you the most to stay SANE?

On a separate note it would be awesomely handy if you would list any requests that you have for recipes in 2015 in the comments.  While I might not care about stats, I do want to focus on making your SANE journey as delicious and easy as possible.  Let me know what you want.

Happy New Year!  Here’s to a SANE and delicious 2015!


*SANE™, inSANE, SANEity – terms used in Jonathan Bailor’s books, The Smarter Science of Slim (out of print) and The Calorie Myth.

What does SANE mean? Click here.Want more scrumptious recipes? Click here to check out my SANE Cookbooks!
  • Karen G - Love all the recipes I have tried from you. Thank you. My favorite and most used is the Hot and Nutty Cereal…absolutely my favorite.ReplyCancel

  • Alicia - Love, love, love every single recipe of yours I have tried. Your recipes have also inspired me to attempt SANE-ifying my own recipes. Often with great success, sometimes not. I slightly modified your turkey casserole by adding a whole tub of baby spinach and chopped red peppers for a festive Christmas morning breakfast casserole that baked while everyone was opening prezzies. And my whole family, SANE and not, loved it.
    I have to say that I really miss marmalade and Christmas fruitcake, if you’re thinking of experimenting, perhaps……..ReplyCancel

  • Francesca French - I love all of the recipes I’ve tried, but what has helped me most are the veggie recipes. Particularly useful (now I don’t eat rice or pasta) is the cauliflower & leek risotto to which I often add some smoked salmon and a spoonful of greek yoghurt to make a main meal. I also really liked discovering great new ways to do brussels sprouts.

    Oh, and the orange creamiscle smoothie is a real treat!
    I could go on … and on!ReplyCancel

  • Sandy P. - I have all your cookbooks and love everything I made from your recipes here in your blog. Looking up at the favs … I have to say the Dark Chocolate Espresso Cookies were the first thing I made and they were so rich and decadent! Thank you so much for all you to help us get healthier.ReplyCancel