Hello, Ladybugs!

I’ll keep this brief.  And bulleted.  I had breakfast at Americana with one of my *very* favorite people.  Here’s some thoughts:

  • Broadway is a long (albeit eclectic) road & the numbering is all over the show.  It ain’t easy to end up in the right spot.  There are lots & lots of bright, shiny objects to distract you from your intended point of dis-embarkation.  Don’t rely on your GPS to get you there.  Michelle can give you a long, sordid account of what may happen if you do.
  • When it drizzles on Broadway, it is as dank & depressing as any other street.  Despite all the bright, shiny objects.
  • Only on Broadway will a delightful young man selling stuff for a huge, nationally-recognized charity, dress as though they just came off the stage at a Transvestite Cabaret & greet you with, “Hello, Ladybugs!”
  • 2011 sucked.  2012, you need to get your game on.
  • Michelle Fusman rocks.  So does her Salon & Spa.


















  • If you need or want Gluten-free meals, get over here immediately.  Here’s why.
  • New owner, same {great} chef, same {great} food.
  • Still awesome.
  • Warm, friendly, amusing, {very} patient (+ cute) servers.
  • Eggs Benedict Gluten-free style: two poached eggs over potato cakes made with smoked Gouda and Canadian bacon and topped with a creamy tomato, mushroom sauce and served with toast – $9.75.  Hello.
  • Toast is optional.

  • Once you get over the initial “This is a really weird different Eggs Benedict”, it gets better & better with every mouthful.
  • Deeeelicious.

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