Sour Cream and Chive Biscuits

Hello!  Merry Christmas!  Happy Holidays!  Honestly, I don’t even know what I am meant to say at this time of year any more.  So just know that I wish all! good! things! for every single one of you reading this.

This shall be one of those short posts, because although many of you tell me how much you love all the stories and other things that come galloping across the screen at you from this little blogette of mine, there are times when I know that deep down all you want – all you really, really want – is just to get the recipe already.  These Sour Cream and Chive Biscuits make my heart beat a whole lot faster, and if I know you at all, I think yours will too.  At the risk of sounding a little pretentious, these are the best biscuits I have ever eaten in my life.  I think I’d want them to be my last meal kinda best-biscuits-in-my-life.  Just think of the travesty that would have occurred if you hadn’t gone SANE – you’d have never got to eat them.  GASP!  These biscuits are reason enough for going SANE.  Forget the fact that they will make you healthier and slimmer.  If you’ve avoided trying your hand at any baking since you got SANE, please start here.  You’ll never look back.  You may never make any other SANE baked good but these, but you’ll make these over and over again, I am certain.

Sour Cream and Chive Biscuits

I took a couple round to the Bailor house earlier today and the gorgeous Mrs. Bailor was reported to have said, “Oh goodness! These are amazing!”

These are absolutely pull-apart fabulous about 30 minutes after they get out of the oven – if you can wait that long.  They are still fantastic the next day, although the texture changes somewhat and they fall apart easily.  If you still have some left the next day, I recommend warming them slightly before you eat them (and I really do mean slightly) as this will heat the feta which gets kinda crunchy after it is cold.  Cold is still awesome though.  I had two cold for my Christmas Day breakfast.  They rocked.

5.0 from 6 reviews
Sour Cream and Chive Biscuits
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 12
  • 15 oz / 420g almond flour / ground almonds
  • 4 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 2 tsp xanthan gum
  • ½ tsp sea salt
  • 6 oz. / 170g unsalted butter, cold
  • 1 egg
  • ½ cup / 4 fl oz. fat-free sour cream
  • 1 TBSP cold water
  • ½ oz / 15g fresh chives, chopped
  • 6 oz. / 170g low-fat feta cheese, chopped into small pieces
  • Beaten egg to glaze
  • Paprika
  1. Place almond flour, baking powder, baking soda, xanthan gum, salt and cold butter into a food processor and pulse just until it resembles breadcrumbs. Do not over process!
  2. Turn into a mixing bowl and add the egg, sour cream, water, chives and feta cheese and mix just enough to form a rough, soft dough.
  3. Turn onto a board (use almond flour to dust if sticky) and knead about 10 times until the dough is all together.
  4. Flatten the dough lightly with your hand until it is a 1 inch thick square.
  5. Cut into 2 inch squares with a sharp knife.
  6. Place biscuits on a baking sheet, brush with beaten egg and sprinkle with paprika.
  7. Bake in the center of the oven at 375 F for 12 - 15 minutes until golden brown.
Beware buying ready-crumbled feta cheese - it has corn or other starches in it to prevent the crumbles caking together. Instead, buy a piece of feta cheese and chop into small pieces. I used fat-free sour cream and low-fat feta cheese not because they have less fat, but because they are more nutrient dense and therefore SANEr. You can use full-fat versions if you like.

Sour Cream and Chive Biscuits



*SANE™, inSANE, SANEity – terms used in Jonathan Bailor’s books, The Smarter Science of Slim (out of print) and The Calorie Myth.

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allisol - I’m so full from these biscuits I have to make this short so I can go lie down! Honestly, I don’t usually get too full from a SANE dinner but tonight it was some serious goodness.

My BFF is visiting and she is also a SANE girl so when we saw this recipe we thought it should accompany our spaghetti dinner(our “noodles” are julienned zuchini, of course!). Boy oh boy were these biscuits TASTY! It was awesome to have something cooking that was drawing the attention of the entire household (two husbands, 4 kids) and have it be the SANE item!!! So two thumbs up, way up. We saved them for tomorrow and we will be eating lunch out (Subway salad). My BFF thinks I’m crazy but I’m planning to BYO Biscuit and enjoy a biscuit with my salad. Subway should take a page from your book and offer them for sale!

So just a little feedback for anyone else who attempts to cook these. For one, my food processor is too small to mix this whole batch. We had to do it in sections so we risked not mixing it well enough. The blender was also not a good option, even though everything fit. So note to self: need a big food processor for this one. For two, although we know you have friends who follow some crazy other measuring system, the ounces was a challenge. 15 oz of almond flour does not all fit in my scale container so I had to do it in two batches. It worked out, but I would have preferred cups. The almond flour did not seem like flour at all, I ground it in my food processor and then again in my coffee grinder. It was not fine like flour. But it didn’t seem to affect the taste. They were a wee bit flat but they were a great platform for my butter so I’m not complaining.

Bottom line, they turned out great and seemed to hold up to all the imperfections in the cooking process. I love love love them with loads of butter. The feta is a great touch – cheesy and tasty but you can’t actually tell it’s there.

Two thumbs up. From two SANE gals!

carrie - Allisol! Thrilled you loved them – I think they’re the best thing I ever made :-)) You don’t have to use a food processor. You can rub the butter in with your fingers or use a pastry blender. It will take slightly longer but will solve your batch issue. Now – when it comes to dry ingredients, the cup system is the crazy one ;-) Maybe you did not see this post that explains it: Cups are not accurate and will give you different results every time, which is why I do all the baked recipes (or recipes where the ratios of ingredients really matters) by weight. This is so that everyone can be successful all the time. When I come down next Christmas I’ll bring a kitchen scale as your hostess gift ;-)
Almond Flour does have a different texture to wheat flour, don’t panic! Re-grinding it is a good idea though. Or get it from Honeyville, which is reputed to have the finest almond flour around that does not require any further grinding – it’s what I use. It is also a lot cheaper than most other almond flour in stores. I LOVE that you are BYO Biscuit!!
Now you’ve made me want to bake {yet another} batch. Sigh.

ALLISOL - OK, I get it about the ounces. I had seen that post but forgot about the accuracy part. I have a birthday coming up. In addition to a better blender I will ask for a digital scale. That should make things easier! I’m sure we can come up with something else you can bring as your hostess gift. You could come while my BFF is here. We will follow you around like little puppies, in awe of your creations. And we’ll fluff your pillows on the lawn chair when you’re done cooking. The hubbies will have to do the dishes. :)

You are awesome. Mwah!

carrie - Get this one if you can – it means you can use any size bowl you want as your container, and you can also do reverse weighing, which I do 90% of the time. Saves on getting a whole bunch of stuff dirty.

I should warn you I like to get up at 3 am to go shoot stuff – but don’t worry, I’ll come back in time to cook you some scrumptious thing for breakfast ;-)

Jennifer - Hi Carrie! I baked these up tonight. Followed your recipe exactly and it all went smoothly. The verdict? — two were scarfed down IMMEDIATELY by my husband who swore up and down that he loved them. I liked the biscuits a lot; they were a (rare) successful flourless baking experience and looked & tasted much like biscuits. There was a bit of a strange after-taste for me. I’m wondering if it was the new taste of a non-traditional ingredient like xylitol…or the taste of so much baking soda? This aftertaste was toned down a bit after they cooled from the oven; I almost preferred the biscuits cooled down instead of piping hot. Anyway, this is a great recipe which I know I’ll make again. Thank you so much!

Mikki - Hi there I wonder, is xylitol necessary? Is this instead of sugar and could I substitute it out or omit altogether? These look amazing and I’m keen to try! Thank you :-)

carrie - Hi Mikki – yes you can substitute for stevia or similar natural, non-caloric sweetener. Happy baking!

carrie - Hi Jenifer – I doubt it would have been the xylitol, which is as close to regular sugar in taste as I’ve found. more likely the baking soda – did you measure accurately? A touch too much baking soda is all it needs to go the wrong way. So glad you and hubby loved them!

Jennifer - Oh! Dear me! Carrie you are right. Now that I look back at the recipe, I see that I accidentally reversed the measurements for baking soda and baking powder! 4 t of baking soda seemed like a great deal to me….and it was! Gulp. Will make another batch sometime soon and update my feedback. Thank you for helping me figure this out! J.

carrie - **Giggling**

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Rowena - Hi Carrie,

I just wanted to thank you for your fantastic recipes! They make eating SANE even more brilliant than it already is.

I’ve made these scones with the chive and feta and then I made them without when I Needed a SANE-ish sweet treat. Oh. my. god. they are amazing with St Dalfour Jam and a very very small dollop of double cream. Sooo much better than normal scones for afternoon tea and no guilt attached!

Thanks again from a fellow Brit!!!

carrie - THANK YOU, Rowena – I love it! Next time, lose the jam (or make sure it’s sugar-free) and double the cream ;-)

Rowena - Ooh I meant to say St Dalfour is sugar free. Have a look next time you’re in the UK, its perfectly scrummy!

carrie - YAY for sugar-free jam!!!

Romy - Dear Carrie
I love to raed all your posts. Unfortunately I cannot digest milkprotein and therefore all your delicious recipes with dairy are no options for me.
In the comments I read that one can omit the feta and chive and the biscuits are still delicious. Can I substitute the sour cream with coconutcream?
Thanks for your answer and best regards

Lista - I looked up xanthan gum because I wasn’t sure what is was and see its derived from corn sugar. Is that sane? Or is there another source it is made from? Where can you buy it?

carrie - Hi Romy – I cannot promise it will work, but it seems like a good idea to try. PLs let me know how it goes!

Firefox7275 - Finally got all the ingredients together for this mouthwatering vision …. but my baking soda and baking powder are expired. VERY expired. And it’s snowing horizontally. Don’t forget to date check for best results guys!

carrie - Great advice, Firefox!!! Sorry you have to wait :-(

Tara - Thanks so much for this recipe Carrie!

Made these exactly following the recipe last week and they were fantastic!!

This week my husband wanted “plain” biscuits, so I made them without the feta and without the chives. (left everything else exactly the same, including the sour cream) I’m pleased to report they turned out just as good. I will be baking both “flavors” frequently. :)

carrie - HURRAH, Tara! Makes me so happy that you loved them. Now I want to go make some…

Pam - Made the biscuits and they were a huge hit…have really been craving my bread-this totally hit the spot! Can’t wait to try another recipe…

carrie - YAY! Thanks, Pam :-)

Anna - SHUT UP! These are so delicious…I mean SO DELICIOUS!!! I haven’t had a real biscuit in a loooong time, but these taste better than anything I remember…and what surprised me the most is the moist light texture which I never expect when baking with almond flour, coconut flour, etc…they are just melt in your mouth delicious!

carrie - Anna – you made me smile :-) THANK YOU!

Sahara - Can greek yogurt be substituted for the sour cream – only asking because I happen to be out of sour cream and I’m craving biscuits!

carrie - Sahara – hope you got my email yesterday!

Sahara - Bummer – I did not. Now I have sour cream so the craving can be satisfied, but I’m still curious – what kind of disaster would i create if I used greek yogurt as a substitution?

carrie - Sahara – so sorry – I went back and found it stuck in my outbox. Stoopid email :-( I do not think it would be a disaster – I havne’t tried it but I am sure it would be fine except for a change in flavor. It is certainly worth a go.

Nina - OMG! Carrie, these biscuits are absolutely amazing. I made them last night and while they were more flat than yours, the taste and texture were phenomenal. My husband had them and said they were the best biscuits he ever had. They are so moist and delicious. In fact they are too good. I know that calories aren’t supposed to matter, but I could eat 3 or 4 of these things no problem! I need a post on portion control because even though I am eating SANE I still feel like I am not losing weight because perhaps I am eating too much.

Debra Sanders - I’ve made them twice with full fat Greek yogurt and they were delicious. Subbed out the chives for home grown jalapeños and served them with SANE chili the first time. A huge hit in my family!

carrie - Great idea on the jalapenos, Debra! Too spicy for me but glad you all loved them :-)

Dawn - Carrie. Do you know if these would taste good after freezing?

carrie - Hey Dawn – I have never managed to have any last long enough to get them to the freezer! I cannot see any reason why they wouldn’t freeze well though. Definitely worth a trying with one.

Syrita - Hi Carrie!!!
I really like listening to the podcast you and Jonathan do together; I have learned so much from you two! My question is, where can I find xanthan gum at? I live in Augusta, GA and I don’t know of anywhere off the top of my head that sells it. Do you have any suggestions as to where I can get it? By the way, I love your recipes; keep them coming! You’re an awesome chef!!!!

carrie - Hi Syrita, Xanthan gum is relatively easy to find in grocery stores these days. In my area most of them sell it. If not, Amazon is your best friend! Hope that helps!

Marie - These were excellent – I made a half recipe and it turned out perfect and looked just like your photo.. I followed the recipe to the letter, except I used a handful of dried chives since I didn’t have fresh. The half recipe made 10 good-sized biscuits. One was plenty for me, with bacon and a fried egg for Sunday breakfast, but my husband is now buttering his third! Trying to give five stars, but can’t seem to get it to work. Thanks for a great recipe – I’m a huge fan of the podcast!

carrie - THANK YOU, Marie! So happy you loved the, and thanks=98 for the podcast love too!!

Chas S. - These taste awesome. I’ve made them twice and they are every bit as good as the real thing. Maybe even better because they always stay moist and never dry out like flour biscuits can.
I have had some technical problems with the recipe, though. Specifically the dough is just so wet that I find it near impossible to work with. No amount of almond flour sprinkled on the top is going to solve this problem and I always end up making a mess. The last time I made it I just decided to make a large sheet of biscuit and cut it up after baking. I added 10 minutes to the bake time to compensate for lower surface area, but it still wasn’t quite enough to get the center fully baked. Of course, they were still delicious, but I’ll have to keep thinking on how to solve this problem.

Baking With Expired Sour Cream - Food Recipe - […] Sour cream and chive biscuits » carrie brown | life in […]

Kapu - Could I for go the feta cheese or use another. Feta is my least fave cheese. They look delicious!

Louise - I followed this exactly and weighed ingredients. They tasted good but were flat and we had to eat with a fork. Any ideas where I may have screwed up?

carrie - HI Louise – my first thought is that your baking powder wasn’t fresh or you inadvertently used baking soda instead. Second thought was that the oven wasn’t hot enough. Curious why the fork was necessary? Were they too fragile to pick up, or…..

carrie - Kapu – yes, leave it out or use a cheese you prefer. Let me know what you decide on and how they turned out!

Louise Thurlow - Yes, I used fork because they were fragile. I definitely used baking powder because I saw someone else’s comment that they inadvertently used to much baking soda. I will buy some more baking powder and tried again as I don’t know how old it is

The Monday Memo # 10

I wanted to title this post, “The Day My Brain Stopped Trying To Kill Me”, but that would make sense to exactly 5 people, and one of those 5 would be me, so that didn’t really seem to be the best choice.  Then I thought I should call it, “The Monday Memo That Wasn’t”, because really that would be very accurate – mainly because I can’t even remember what happened yesterday let alone the entire week last two weeks.  I certainly don’t have the energy to follow the usual Monday Memo format, because these puppies take hours of time, not to mention the rubbing together of 17 gazillion more brain cells than I have at my disposal right now.  I finally ran out of steam.  I know this to be true because yesterday and today I did not clamber out of bed until 10 am; and if you know me at all you’ll know that 5 am is when I normally bound down the stairs and fly out the door to shoot sunrises and stuff in the early morning light, or barrel into the kitchen to make a mess and create new SANE scrumptiousness for all you lovely readers.  10 am?  I can count on one hand the number of times that has happened.  In my life.  So when I mention I was exhausted, I truly had run right out of gas.  I was running on fumes here.  Something had to go.  Sadly it was the thing I love to do the very most – create and post recipes for you.

The last two weeks have been frantically busy with I-can’t-even-remember-what now.  I just know that every day ended with me being completely drained, and entirely unable to cobble together enough thoughts to compose a post.  I think it all started to go sideways when I fell over at the office because my balance was off-kilter.  I later discovered I had a double ear infection.  I am sure it was a sign; and when our bodies start to yell, we should pay attention.  Let’s be clear – I am not complaining.  The last two weeks have been filled with all manner of bounteous busyness.  There’s just been an awful lot of it crammed into a very short amount of time.

I know the busyness included sorting out a house that had been largely ignored while construction was underway a few weeks back; and included various multiplying mountains of laundry threatening to spill out of the closet and smother me in my sleep.  I know it involved a {very} large truck and a crowd of smiling guys diggin’ up my back yard and carting it away; followed by them bringing another truck overflowing with dirt, and sand, and rocks, and pavers, and grass, which they proceeded to arrange beautifully from one end of the garden to the other, transforming my neglected yard into a fabulous space all ready for planting fun shrubs and flowers in the Spring.  I also know they accomplished this during the first snowstorm of the season; and were still smiling at the end of it.

One thing I do remember about last Saturday evening – which now seems like a decade ago – is that I bought a big bucket of KFC Original Recipe Chicken, laid on a comfy brown leather couch, and watched a movie with an amazing friend who had exactly zero expectations of me.  IT. WAS. AWESOME.  I haven’t watched a movie since February.  February!  This momentous movie-watching moment was after a particularly harrowing trip to IKEA for more office cabinets.  I mean, who in their right mind goes to IKEA on a Saturday in December??  Proof if you needed it that my brain has been firing on only one cylinder.

Talking of food, my mealtimes have become alarmingly random and unbalanced.  Unlike many of you who find eating enough protein to be the toughest part of eating SANE, I find protein the easiest thing to shove into my mouth when I have 3 seconds to grab a bite to eat.  It’s been all-protein-all-the-time around here, and I do not recommend that you try that at home.  Short term it was still WAY better than even the smallest amount of inSANE stuff though, so I am not beating myself up over it.  I do need to get back on the greenery band wagon in short order.  Heck, I miss them veggies!

The busy thing that broke this camel’s back, however, was an innocent sounding email that turned out to be from a TV producer asking if he could call.  Then my life blew up, just a little.  All of a sudden there was a bio to write, and photos to shoot, and a video to make.  And not a lot of time to get it all done and packaged up and sent off to TV land.  Our beloved Mr. Bailor swooped in, took over production and kept me on track and on time.  He really is a star.

So the last two weeks was all goodness, but it blew me off course from my regular recipe creation and posting schedule, and if I’m honest it’s been a tad tricky getting back into the swing of things, even though the craziness stopped on Friday afternoon when the audition package went winging it’s way to LA.  Once that was done I breathed a heavy sigh of relief and then slept a lot.  A lot for me, anyway.

I did manage to squeak a couple of recipe posts out for you last week.  In case you missed them:

Triple Threat Almond Cookies

Triple Threat Almond Cookies – because you deserve to have as much cookie joy as everyone else.

SANE Lasagna – a whole lot of flavor and not one single noodle.

Green Smoothie - Mint Chocolate

 Green Smoothie: Mint Chocolate – you will never believe this has half a pound of kale in!


The Bailinator and I didn’t get in the studio to podcast because we were in the studio making a video instead…but here’s two we recorded earlier:

EPISODE 26: SANE Drinking & Living — Alcohol, Water, Green Tea, and Goals

EPISODE 27: How To Exercise Eccentrically

You can listen to all the podcast episodes right here, or if you have an iTunes account you can head here.

All iTunes, Facebook and Amazon love is very gratefully received!


Plus, The Bailinator has been busy making SANE t-shirts!



If you want to see all the stuff that I made and ate and will write about in the coming weeks…go here and scroll down.  It hasn’t changed since the last Monday Memo, except that I posted the Triple Threat Almond Cookies, SANE Lasagna and Mint Chocolate Green Smoothie recipes.  I still owe you a whole bunch of recipes – sorry about that.  I aim to please, although lately it feels like I’ve bombed out in that department.  Sad face.

Hot of the press!  Update!!  Today, because it was Christmas Eve and I had a sudden burst of energy, I whipped you up some Sour Cream and Chive Biscuits that will make you so happy you’ll forgive me for abandoning you the past two weeks.  HURRAH!  I will post the recipe tomorrow, because you do not want to wait for these.  At the risk of sounding a little pretentious, these are the best biscuits I have ever eaten.  I am, for sure, going to be dreaming about them tonight.  I am as certain as I can be that you will be thanking your lucky stars that you decided to go SANE once you pop a bite of these between your lips, otherwise you may never have gotten to eat one.  And that, dear readers, would have been a tragedy.

“Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Don’t wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future.  Think how really precious is the time you have to spend, whether it’s at work or with your family. Every minute should be enjoyed and savored.” — Earl Nightingale

Happy Monday!  And a very happy whatever-it-is-you-celebrate-at-this-time-of-year!


*SANE™, inSANE, SANEity – terms used in Jonathan Bailor’s books, The Smarter Science of Slim (out of print) and The Calorie Myth.

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Green Smoothie – Mint Chocolate

Merry Christmas Lovely People!

Anyone who has been living a *SANE lifestyle for a while now will know that a little inSANEity here and there does absolutely nothing to knock us off the path.  Regardless, the holiday season can strike fear into the hearts of even seasoned SSoS’ers.  Never fear, dear readers!  Enjoy the season!  Eat *SANE when you can, don’t worry when you can’t.  And when you get a quiet moment at home to whip up a smoothie, make it this one.  It tastes like Christmas – in all its mint and chocolatey glory – but is as healthy and SANE as healthy and SANE can be.

Even Jonathan was jealous when he caught me with one a week ago. 

Green Smoothie - Mint Chocolate

You could even make a whole bunch for your friends and family and forget to tell them it’s healthy. Once they taste it they’ll never believe you anyway.  And, because it’s a green smoothie THAT ISN’T GREEN they won’t even be alerted to the fact that it contains more kale than they have eaten in the last year. HA!!!

If you’ve gulped down any of my other smoothies you’ll know that you won’t be able to taste the slightest hint of kale.  YAY!!!  Because really, who wants to drink a smoothie that tastes of kale – at any time of the year, let alone slap bang in the middle of the holidays??

I found these Candy Cane Green Tea Herbal Tea Bags at Trader Joe’s – which is what inspired this recipe – but if you can’t get to a TJs then use regular mint or peppermint herbal tea bags instead.  If you’ve listened to our green tea podcast you’ll know that hiding green tea in smoothies is a great idea if you’re like me and can’t stand the stuff.  Whatever works!

Even better is that once the holidays are over and everyone else is hitting the gym and starving themselves, you’ll still be enjoying the taste of Christmas, and be getting slimmer and healthier faster by supping on this fabulous Mint Chocolate smoothie and doing your 10 minutes of eccentric exercise a week.

Now there’s a gift for you.


5.0 from 2 reviews
Green Smoothie - Mint Chocolate
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 1
  • 1½ cups 12 fl oz. water
  • 1 mint herbal tea bag
  • ¼ cup / 2 fl oz. sugar-free chocolate syrup
  • 2 oz. / 55g unsweetened cocoa powder
  • ⅔ cup / 2 oz. / 55g chocolate whey protein
  • 8 oz / 225g kale
  • 1 TBSP xylitol or equivalent sweetener
  • ⅛ tsp peppermint extract (please measure - this stuff is REALLY strong!)
  • ¼ tsp guar gum
  1. Steep the mint herbal tea bag in hot water for 10 minutes and squeeze tea bag well before discarding.
  2. Put mint tea and other ingredients into blender in the order listed, except the guar gum.
  3. Blend at high speed until completely smooth.
  4. Remove blender lid stopper and while blender is still running shake guar gum in.
  5. Blend for 10 seconds.
If you prefer a thinner smoothie, add another ½ cup water.

Green Smoothie - Mint Chocolate



*SANE™, inSANE, SANEity – terms used in Jonathan Bailor’s books, The Smarter Science of Slim (out of print) and The Calorie Myth.

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Tracy - why use the guar gum? what’s it do?

carrie - Tracy – guar gum is a thickener and stabilizer. It turns your smoothie into a much smoother smoothie and also stops it seperating out, which most veggie smoothies do after varying amounts of time. It’s a texture thing. If you don’t care about texture, just leave it out. Hope that helps!

Urzay - Love all your recipes Carrie – what would be nice is if you add to them a list of how much Saneity in each serve and how many serves it makes, foe example:- this recipe makes x amount of serves and each serve has
X amount protein serves
X amount veg serves
What do you think?

carrie - Hi Urzay – will get back to you shortly!

Ellen - Carrie, I tried this today, and while the overall tase was amazing I got it entirely too sweet. So, I figure I misunderstood. When you say “sugar-free chocolate syrup” I presume you did not mean “unsweetened chocolate syrup” (if there is such an animal!) I used what I could locate here, which was Walden Farms. Then I also added the xylitol, which may have been the problem. since the Chocolate Whey Protein Powder is also sweetened, I think I just went way overboard! Next time I’ll omit the xylitol. also, since I didn’t have Kale and used spinach instead, this could have contributed – kale would probably have been more bitter and the extra sweetness may have been needed. Thanks so much for your great recipes! I will try not to improvise next time! :)

carrie - Hi Ellen – I meant the sugar-free syrups that they use in coffee shops – they are clear, flavored syrups. You can always make it without the xylitol and then add to taste if necessary. I am now worried about your whey powder – what is it sweetened with and how much is in there? ALso, I would recommend trying the recipes as written the first time, so you know the intended taste and then tweak subsequently if you want / need to. Hope that helps! So glad that you tried it!

Kara - Carrie,
I Finally made this today. (Life has finally settled down after all the Ballyhoo)

The taste was really good but I could still tell its was “green” by the texture. What kind of blender do you use? The smoothie looks much more liquified in your photos

carrie - Hi Kara – I use a Vitamix. It liquifies everything…the smoothies are smoother than a milkshake! Best investment I made since I went SANE.

Susan - Did I read this right? 8 oz of kale for this single serving? WOW that’s alot. I have a Vitamix too, so I know it can handle it. But just thought I’d check.

LOVE the recipes Carrie. Keep ‘em coming. You’re helping me to stay SANE!

carrie - Susan – YES! 8 oz – imagine getting almost all your veggies in before lunch! :-) Thanks for your kind words!!

Lynn - Hi Carrie, It is 2 hours since I tried this chocolate mint smoothie and I’m still having mega palpitations, heart racing, sweating, jittery etc. how much caffeine do you think is in all that cocoa? Am I just an English lightweight?

carrie - Oh my, Lynn. The amount of caffeine in coca is very small. I am not sure what your reactions were due to :-(

Cheryl - Hi Carrie, I made this smoothie last night but my peppermint tea must have been too warm because by the time I blended it smooth in the Vitamix, it was a very warm drink. No worries, I just poured it into a couple cups and refrigerated it overnight. It was a good excuse to have chocolate for breakfast! I did find it a bit thick so I thinned it out with a shot of espresso. Not sure how SANE that is but it made it taste like a peppermint mocha frappuccino!

I don’t how you made 8oz of kale taste like a treat! You are a genius!

carrie - Welcome aboard the Green Smoothie train, Cheryl!! Adding espresso is fine as long as there is no sugar :-)

Laura - This sounds wonderful but I feel like that sounds like alot of cocoa for one smoothie. Is that much cocoa still sane?

carrie - Hi Laura – pure cocoa powder is one of the SANEst things on earth!!!

Brenda - Hello Carrie…

I make these for my husband, nightly, sometimes in the afternoon too… one for breakfast the next day, and one to go with his lunch of leftover meat! He is completely in love with the mint ones!

What brand of cocoa powder are you using? Just trying to find the most economical one, since I’m going through 8 ounces in a couple days!


carrie - Brenda – I use Valrhona which I buy in bulk because it is cheaper that way, but it is still pretty expensive. I believe JB uses Hershey’s which he buys in bulk from Costco, so that may be a good option for you if you’re using such a lot all the time. Hope that helps!

Andreanne - Hello Carrie,

I’m currently reading the Calorie myth and decided to try my first SANE recipe. This smoothie is FABULOUS. I modified the recipe a bit with the ingredients that I had on hand: I skipped the chocolate syrup, substituted the kale for lettuce and added 1 tsp of chlorella and 6 drops stevia. I also used Lakanto instead of Xylitol which I cannot tolerate). Is Lakanto a SANE food? My only concern regading this smoothie is the quantity of Cacao. Shouldn’t individuals with adrenal fatigue be limiting their cacao intake? Thanks for your great web site. I’ll help me to stick to SANE food. :)


I love lasagna.  You love lasagna.  We especially love lasagna noodles.  We just don’t want to eat them anymore.  They make us feel bloated, they make us grow fat, and they just generally clog up the works.

So, because I love to make your journey to SANEity easier, and your mouths happy en route, here’s some SANE Lasagna for you.

You’ll feel normal!  You’ll feel healthy!  You won’t gain fat!  You’ll feel awesome!

And, your mouth will thank you forever.

4.8 from 4 reviews
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 8
  • 2 TBSP coconut oil
  • 2 medium eggplants, peeled and sliced lengthwise into twelve ½” slices
  • Ground pepper
  • 2 lb / 900g lean ground beef
  • 1 large jar tomato basil sauce (no sugar added) – Classico & Trader Joe’s brands have no sugar added
  • 1 tsp xanthan gum
  • 1 lb / 450g 2% cottage cheese
  • 12 oz / 335g shredded mozzarella
  • ½ cup parmesan, finely grated
  1. Brush eggplant slices with melted coconut oil, sprinkle with pepper and place on baking sheets.
  2. Bake for 20 minutes at 400F, turning over after 10 minutes.
  3. Brown the beef, add tomato sauce and simmer uncovered for 20 minutes.
  4. While stirring rapidly, sprinkle xanthan gum over the sauce. Stir well until sauce has thickened.
  5. Spread ½ cup meat sauce on bottom of over proof lasagna dish.
  6. Place 6 slices of eggplant to cover bottom of dish.
  7. Spread ½ of the meat sauce over the eggplant.
  8. Spread ½ of the cottage cheese over the meat.
  9. Spread ½ of the mozzarella over the cottage cheese.
  10. Place 6 slices of eggplant to cover cheese layer.
  11. Spread remaining meat sauce over the eggplant.
  12. Spread remaining cottage cheese over the meat.
  13. Spread remaining mozzarella over the cottage cheese.
  14. Evenly sprinkle parmesan cheese over the top.
  15. Bake at 375F for 20 minutes, turning after 10 minutes, until top is golden and bubbling.

SANE Lasagna



*SANE™, inSANE, SANEity – terms used in Jonathan Bailor’s books, The Smarter Science of Slim (out of print) and The Calorie Myth.

What does SANE mean? Click here.Want more scrumptious recipes? Click here to check out my SANE Cookbooks!

Cowgirl Rae - I have done something similar with zucchini and thick sliced large tomatoes.

Love lasagna. Husband and I were discussing having stroganoff in the future? Any consideration on that from you?

carrie - Stronganoff has joined the list, but I warn you…that list is *really* long now!

Mic - This lasagna is HEAVENLY! The whole family LOVESSSSSS it!

carrie - LOVE this, Mic! Thanks for swinging by :-)))

Nancy - I made this lasagna for dinner last night. It was the most soul satisfying, yummy, scrumptious meal. My husband had no clue there weren’t noodles in it until I told him.

This morning at breakfast I gave him a fried egg with avocado. He looked at it and said, “Oh, I woke up in the night and thought about having lasagna for breakfast.”

I must be a slow poke cook though. It took me an hour and a half to prep and cook everything.

carrie - Just a fabulous comment to wake up to this morning, Nancy – THANK YOU! It will always take longer to amke when you are doing a new recipe. Once you have it down I am sure it will go a lot quicker! PS. Tell your husband I love eating SANE Lasagna for breakfast :-)

Courtney - This was my first lasagna attempt and it was delicious. My family even liked it although it didn’t have noodles. I didn’t think it was too difficult, either. Question, there are lots of choices of coconut oil. Is one ‘saner’ than another?

carrie - Courtney – the cheapest! ;-) All pure (nothing else than coconut) coconut oil is good. If you’re in the US Trader Joe’s is cheapest, so it’s what I use :-) SO glad that you loved it and found it easy to make!!

Char Gust - What is the purpose of the xanthan gum?

carrie - Hi Char – it is a thickener, since we don’t use starches like flour or cornstarch to do that.

Suzanne - Is there an alternative to using coconut oil such as olive oil. I want to cook the eggplant lasagne but I seem to be having trouble finding this.
Ps love the very berry rice pudding

carrie - Hi Suzanne – where are you located? We do not recommend oils other than coconut, olive or butter. We usually only use olive for cold uses (such as dressings) because heating it makes it less stable and changes the health benefits of the oil. I recommend using either butter or ghee until you can find coconut oil. Hope that helps! Thanks for the rice pudding love!

Suzanne - Thanks for your reply. I will check again as did send my husband to look for it. I will use butter or margarine? then until I find coconut oil. Thanks again

Suzanne - Ps located in Australia

carrie - NOOOOOOOOO margarine! I haven’t had any other Australians saying they cannot find coconut oil – maybe someone from Oz can chime in and help you locate?

evelyn - Carrie I made this again today and actually made it for company this time! Made a big salad to accompany it. Everyone was totally impressed. We don’t have xanthan gum here in Greece so I just let the meatsauce boil down a bit and thicken on its own. DELICIOUS and a total hit. By the way…
One question…At the beginning of your instructions you say spread 1/2 meat on bottom of lasgna dish then state to place eggplant on bottom and 1/2 of meatsauce on top. So the eggplant should actually go on the bottom? Or 1/3 meatsauce on bottom and other 2/3 on top? I usually just make it starting with the eggplant on the bottom thinking that first sentence was a typo error.
Thanks so so so much for contributing all of the great recipes!!!!

carrie - Hi Evelyn! SO glad you are loving this, and your guests too :-) The instructions say spread 1/2 a CUP on the bottom…THEN you put the eggplant. Then you divide the meat sauce in half. Make sense? The 1/2 cup is just to stop the eggplant from sticking to the dish and stop the possibility of it drying out. Hope that helps!

Evelyn - Yes!!! Sorry! It makes total sense! Feel so stupid now!!! :-)

Joanne - I have an all new respect for you since reading your blog and website Carrie Brown. this was the best lasagna I’ve ever tasted and soooo deliciously cheesy! You are a genius! Was made even better for me by the fact that my man added some yummy veg to the meat sauce that he prepared last night. Beet soup next as I’ve made some chicken stock and have some beetroot in the fridge! Jo from Aberdeen

carrie - Hurrah for SANE Lasagna!!! THANK YOU for your lovely words, Jo from Aberdeen!!!

Tanya - Hi…. we don’t get cottage cheese where I live… is there an alternative that could be used?

carrie - Tanya – ricotta would work – get low-fat or non-fat if you can.

Tanya - Thank you Carrie… will have a go tomorrow :-)

Sierra - I have made this twice. The first time I followed the recipe and it was pretty good. The second time we switched it up a bit and now its a keeper for our kitchen! The second time we left out the Xanthan gum (made a runnier lazagna but we didn’t really like the flavor of Xanthan) and we left out the cottage cheese. Instead I mixed together ricotta cheese and raw spinach (a half pound of it!). Soooo good and it added more veggies. Thank you Mrs. Brown. We love your ideas!!!!

carrie - Great switch up, Sierra! Love it! You can try using garbanzo bean flour instead of the xanthan as a thickener.

Emma - After spending the last few days in the company of your & Jonathan’s podcasts, pretty much back-to-back because I just wanted to hear more (I’ve laughed & laughed!), I’m about to make this lasagna as my first SANE meal ;) I’ve got the strawberry porridge in the fridge ready for tomorrow but I’m baulking (‘scuse the pun!) at the idea of veg for brekkie in general so I’m wondering if I can just bung some spinach in the beef towards the end, and if there are other veg I could hide in the meat sauce or cottage / ricotta cheese sauce? I’m also a bit confused about what ‘squash’ are from your perspective – for me there seems to be a difference between the mini round green squash & pale yellow long squash (watery, not too sweet) and the darker orange squash like pumpkin & butternut (seem sweeter & ‘starchy-er’)?! Maybe it’s a UK / South African thing but I looooove butternut but have been scared off it by the paleo / low carb crowd … Help?!

carrie - Hi Emma! Bung away with that spinach in the meat :-) Squash covers an entire spectrum of stuff. When I say yellow squash I mean a yellow courgette / zucchini. The others all go by different names, but come under the general umbrella of “squashes”. Everything in the US is complicated – it wouldn’t be fun otherwise ;-)

Emma - Thanks for the explanation on the yellow squash! For clarification, when you and Jonathan say ‘squash’ on your podcasts do you specifically mean courgette / marrow, or all squash, including butternut, pumpkin etc? Just trying to work out if my delight in butternut and pumpkin being SANE is actually misplaced, and they’re not?! Kitchen smells yummy already, this is going to be totally fab lasagna!

carrie - Emma – we mean all squash :-) Enjoy!

Emma - Yay! Squash is on! And this lasagna is amazing – I got 4 large handfuls of fresh spinach and two grated carrots in the meat, no hassle. My tip – if you add veggies, cook the meat sauce a bit longer so it doesn’t go watery in the oven. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Carrie ;)

carrie - Hurrah for lasagna, Emma!!

Dave Candage - Hi Carrie,

I just made your lasagna. I think I meddled it up. It was pretty soupy and more like cheeseburger pie. It tasted ok, but not very lasagna-y.
I’ll be trying other things as time goes on. I posted a couple of photos on Facebook about it.


carrie - Dave – sorry this didn’t work out for you. No sure what may have happened as I’ve only got rave reviews thus far. Maybe it was the brand of tomato sauce you used? Did you follow the recipe and ingredients as listed, or did you make any changes? When I made this is was super rich adn lasagna-y. I’d be interested to work out why you got such a different result. Thanks for sharing!

Nancy - Hey Carrie and Dave,

I had runnier lasagna the second time I made it (although still FANTASTIC!) I attributed it to the fact I make my own quickie tomato sauce (using a recipe from Cooks Illustrated.) I added a half teaspoon more of the xanthum gum when I made this recipe the third time and it turned out perfect.

carrie - Yay for extra xanthan, Nancy!!

Christine - Is eggplant considered a sane food? It is 80+% carbohydrate. Does the fiber content make it sane? Thanks!

carrie - Hi Christine – eggplant is good. We don’t worry about all carbs, we worry about starchy carbs and sweet carbs. Hope that helps!

Bill Howard - PHENOMINAL Carrie!! Cannot get enough of this!! Thank you!

carrie - THANKS, Bill!!

Suzie price - I made this last night – my husband said, “This tastes like real food!” Yea. It was yummy. I am soooooo melas to have found you and JB. My love and I had a few tense moments over some of the paleo recipes I was trying – he just didn’t like most of what I was making – ever since I stated doing your recipes, they ALL taste great, are easy to make, they ar eSANE and best of all NO tension at dinner. Yea carrie!! Thank you….

carrie - Suzie – your note made me SOOOOO happy!!!! Thank you for all the recipe love :-)

Mel - Can I use tinned tomatoes for the sauce instead of a jar? I am in England

carrie - Hi Mel – yes! Make sure that you used unsweetened tomatoes and drain the juice off first. Then mash up the tomatoes and you’ll be good to go. Hope that helps!

Helen - My first SANE recipe and turned out superbly. Even more delicious than ‘regular’ lasagne :) Can’t wait to try more now! Thanks Carrie!

carrie - Hurrah for Helen!!! So happy to have you join our merry litle gang!

Heather - I’m not a great fan of aubergine (eggplant) so I am going to use flattened out “leaves” of leek instead. As a leek lover this should appeal to you :) Off for an afternoon in the kitchen …. lasagne, muffins and cookies to start with.

And I am addicted to your cinnamon raisin rice pud. Always have some in the fridge for when my sweet tooth kicks in. Going to make your lemon curd now too

carrie - Leek “leaves” Heather – LOVE IT!!!!! What a brilliantly busy SANE cooking day you had!!

Sane/Paleo Lasagne - Run Mum - […] Well I came across this SANE / Paleo recipe from Carrie Brown over at Marmalade and Mileposts.  I found out about Carrie Brown from a podcast that I listen too called The Smarter Science of Slim.  Carrie is also a Chef.  So she turns everyday recipes into Saner / healthier alternatives. One of those recipes happens to have been good old Lasagne. You can find the recipe here. […]

Jerry - I see you using xanthan gum, in this recipe. I’m not sure why. When you make regular lasagna, gum is never used. I did make your recipe without the gum and it came out great. If you want a thicker sauce, add some tomato paste to the sauce. Maybe the use of the gum is a cultural nuance, as I see it in several of your recipes.

When I need a thickening agent, such as in a dressing made without oil, I use almond flour. Great site however, best I’ve ever seen, and I bought the book.

Jerel - This tasted okay, but I think I either sliced the eggplant too thin or overcooked it or put too much oil (way more than 2 T) or all three! I don’t love the flavor of coconut oil everywhere so I used olive oil, but the eggplant turned out like mush. When the lasagna came out, my wife described it as “slimy”. If you end up with about 12 slices of eggplant, stretching 2 T of oil across 24 surfaces seems like there’s barely a few flecks of oil on each piece. I feel I utterly failed at this recipe. It was very disappointing after all the work to build it! I’m sad!

carrie - Jerel – so sad to hear this did not turn out well for you – especially since it’s a reader favorite. Try using avocado oil instead of coconut if your coconut oil gives you flavor – it is better than olive oil and is tasteless. It’s a long time since I made it but I think you may have sliced the eggplant too thin – I don’t remember there being that many slices. Be very careful when you measure the xanthan gum because too much can give a slightly slimy feel.

Shannon - Carrie, I was wondering if you could use a zucchini or squash instead of the eggplant? I’ve only had eggplant a couple times and I haven’t been a huge fan, but I’m willing to try it again :)

carrie - Shannon – yes absolutely you can use zucchini or squash instead, although it tends to be a lot “wetter” than eggplant.

Wren - How many ounces in the large jar of tomato paste? If you don’t gave tomato basil paste, can you use regular tomato paste and add the basil? I’ve got fresh basil in the garden.

carrie - Yes, Wren – You can use regular tomato and add basil.

Triple Threat Almond Cookies

I am about to do something radical.  I am going to post this recipe without saying anything first; because I am as sure as I can be that you have eyes for only one thing: the recipe.  Except it would be remiss of me not to mention how thankful I am that – after a wildly frustrating weekend making innumerable batches of these glorious, crackle-topped wonders – I finally got it right.  The people that blind taste-tested these little dollops of almond joy raved.  Then they clamoured for more – and for the recipe – for 3 days straight.

If you were wondering how you were going to survive the holidays without heading into cookie *inSANEity – NOW YOU DON’T HAVE TO.  What with these and the Dark Chocolate Espresso Cookies, you’re set.

Triple Threat Almond Cookies

These dreamy almond cookies are slightly dense, moist, and chewy in the middle.  They’re almondy enough to knock your socks off.  At one point I thought the cookie dough was possessed.  By the time I was on the 7th batch, I swear those cookies were trying to kill me.  In the end though, *SANEity prevailed.  HURRAH!!

Happy Holidays!

5.0 from 1 reviews
Triple Threat Almond Cookies
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 32
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 oz / 55g butter
  • ½ cup / 4 fl oz. almond butter
  • 10 oz / 280g xylitol
  • 4 tsp sugar-free vanilla syrup
  • 6 tsp almond extract
  • 10 oz / 280g almond flour (ground almonds)
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • ½ tsp sea salt
  • 1½ tsp xanthan gum
  • 2 oz / 55g toasted chopped almonds
  1. In a bowl, using a hand mixer, whisk together the eggs, butter, almond butter, xylitol, syrup and almond extract until it is light and fluffy - about 3 minutes.
  2. In a small bowl mix the almond flour, baking powder, salt, xanthan gum and chopped almonds together well.
  3. Add the dry ingredients to the egg mixture and gently stir until completely mixed but do not over mix.
  4. Wrap in plastic film and put in 'fridge for at least 2 hours, or overnight.
  5. Remove from the 'fridge and working quickly, roll into small balls (I used 1 oz per ball).
  6. Place balls on baking sheet and then press down with your fingers until they are ½" thick / 2" across.
  7. Brush with beaten egg to glaze.
  8. Place in center of oven at 350F.
  9. Bake for 12 mins or until lightly colored.



*SANE™, inSANE, SANEity – terms used in Jonathan Bailor’s books, The Smarter Science of Slim (out of print) and The Calorie Myth.

What does SANE mean? Click here.Want more scrumptious recipes? Click here to check out my SANE Cookbooks!

Sandie - Thanks for your wonderful post and recipes. I plan on making the almond cookies but want to double check the amount listed for xylitol. Are you sure it’s 10 oz? This would be an enormous amount of sweetner

Could it be 10 drops instead?

StNding by and thank you again for all your help and insight.


carrie - Hi Sandie – xylitol is not available in liquid form like Stevia. It is exactly like sugar in volume and taste. In cookies you need the bulk and other sugar-like properties of xylitol, not just it’s ability to sweeten. If you made these cookies with regular sugar, you would use around the smae amount. Actually, my taste-testers said they could stand being a little sweeter – but then none of them has gone SANE, so they still have their super-sweet teeth! Hope that helps.

Evelyn - Carrie, I LOVE the podcasts you and Jonathon do. Thanks sooooo much!! And thanks for the recipes. Unfortunately, I live in Greece and can’t find a lot of the ingredients. For example, there is no almond butter or almond flour to be found. Can I use flax seed flour and peanut butter instead?? Also there is no xylitol, vanilla syrup or xanthan gum. On second thought, I’ll just stick to some healthy fruit!! Less preservatives, more healthy food. Thanks for helping us out!!!

carrie - Hi Evelyn – thanks for the podcast love. Sorry you are having trouble sourcing a few of the “odd” ingredients that help us be SANE. Almond flour is also known as ground almonds. You can even make it yourself by grinding blanched (skins removed) almonds very finely in a coffee grinder or similar device. You can also make your own almond butter by putting almonds in your food processor and processing them until they become butter. I have no experience yet with flax seed flour, although it is on my (never-ending) list of things to do!! Yes you can use peanut butter instead. There must be sugar substitutes in Greece that you can use instead of xylitol – ideally you want a non-caloric sweetener that has the same bulk as sugar. I am not familiar with what is available to you, but I am sure the interenet will be your friend here. You can replace the sugar syrup with extra xylitol (or equivalent) and leave out that xanthan gum. The texture will not be as stable without the gum, but it will taste just the same. Hope some or all of this helps!! Please share what you find out about the ingredients if you find them. THANK YOU for your support!!

Jennifer - Hi Carrie. I am so thankful for you as our SANE baker and chef…I love cooking and appreciate that I can still do so using your recipes after going SANE.

Can you address the cost of xylitol in your cookie recipes (almond & choc espresso)?

I bought an 8oz jar of xylitol (Jarrow Xyli Pure) at my specialty grocery store, and it cost about $10. This makes baking cookies expensive, and one jar wasn’t even enough for the espresso cookie recipe in my recollection!

Do you buy this in bulk? And where? Should I go to my local store for pastry chefs — or online? Is there a particular brand of xylitol you like and keep on hand in bulk?

Thank you so much. Avoiding traditional desserts has been the hardest part of going SANE for me, and I am eager to start baking SANE cookies. Jennifer.

carrie - Hi Jennifer! This is where I buy xylitol. I buy the 55lb bag because I get through so much on recipe develpoment, but even then, it keeps forever in the garage so I’d likely buy that size even if I were normal ;-)

Look at is as an investment. Your health will improve, and lots of other costs will go down over time…not to mention how much better you will feel = priceless :-)

Catherine - Hi Carrie, thanks for posting this recipe. Is stevia ok to use instead of xylitol?

carrie - Hi Catherine – yes, as long as it’s the kind of Stevia that resembles ordinary sugar. You need the volume and other properties, not just the sweetness. The drops won’t work. Hope that helps!

Catherine - Thats perfect, thanks for replying Carrie :) I think I have that kind of stevia, its certainly not drops buts its quite a feathery and ‘dusty’ like kind of stevia. Will have a look in the box and hopefully it will do the job.

carrie - Catherine – I have never used Stevia, so I cannot vouch for it’s success. I hate the taste of it, which is why I use Xylitol :-) I hope it works out for you – let us know!

Jennifer - Thanks for the reply Carrie. That is helpful info! My husband is going to be very amused when a 55 lb bag of xylitol arrives in the mail. :)

carrie - Your mailman may not love you ;-) This is why I live with cats – they never comment on what shows up in the mail!

Ladyp1234 - Oh my goodness, the almond hit from these is the most wonderful thing. And my daughter and husband agreed. I had to stop my husband on his 4th cookie as we are all new to xylitol and I wasn’t sure if too much too soon would upset our tummies. I only had 8oz bag of xylitol so added a bit of stevia. I also didn’t have quite enough ground almons so had to grind a whole almonds in blender which left a few lumps which my other daughter didn’t like, soI’m sure she’ll be a fan if I have enough ground almonds next time. I didn’t squash my cookies down enough so they stayed quite thick, but still delicious. Thanks!

carrie - Hence the name, Lady P! These were a huge hit when I did the blind taste test, so thrilled you made them and love them too :-)

Cowgirl Rae - Hi Carrie, are you using the higher quality blanched almond flours like is recommended on the gluten free sites? OR are you using the more common almond meal/flours one can buy locally like Bob’s? I have read conflicting info about how they ‘work’ for various baked goods. I suppose a cookie would be different than a bread.

Have you experimented with coconut flour? I bought some and will try something soon. Many of the coconut flour recipes are on the paleo sites and are very heavy on the fats.

carrie - I get Almond Flour and Meal in bulk from Honeyville and keep it in the freezer. I get through a ton of it! I understand Honeyville Almond Flour is the bomb when it comes to baking with it. I have experimented with coconut flour and I will be doing more, but it is a weird and tricky beast. Watch this space!

Minna - Hi Carrie,I’ve been following your food blog and listening your podcasts for some time now. Thanks for great recipes! I definitely will try these cookies as soon as I have some time for baking. What could I substitute for the vanilla syrup and the almond extract as I don’t have these ingredients in my cupboard? If I just leave them out, will it not work?
Could you also pls explain what almond meal is? I’m in Britain and use ground almonds (either blanched or with skins on) but I’ve never come across almond meal.

carrie - Hi Minna – almond flour = blanched ground almonds, almond meal = ground alomnds with the skin on. These will work without the almond extract, but you won’t get the almond flavor punch. You cna leave out the syrup, but you will want to add a little more xylitol to keep the sweetness the same, but the consistency will be different. Let me know how they turn out with the changes! Hope that helps!

Minna - Thanks Carrie. So it was that simple with almond meal/flour. :) I’ll see if I can find the extract and the syrup (would you know where to get these in Britain?) and if not I’ll try without and let you know how they turn out.

carrie - Minna – this may help you: Almond extract should be readily available at Tesco or Safeway or any other grocery store. For syrups there is a brand of sugar-free syrups on Amazon UK called Sweetbird – check those out! I would also ask in Tesco, Sainsburys etc, if they have syrups. You *might* be able to get them in Starbucks – the Starbucks in the US sell them. Hope that helps!

MVP - LOVE THESE! Hubby asked me to add white chocolate chunks which tastes awesome (though made them less SANE) but we’re well on the way to getting him more SANE! I like them how your recipe calls though and so does the little one, she doesn’t get to eat any other kinds of cookies so she gets really excited to eat these!

- Serena Marie, RD dot com - […] with the good, ole’ “first is the worst” rule, but think again! These Triple Threat Almond Cookies are actually totally sugar free. Made with xylitol & lots of healthy almonds/almond butter, I […]

Raye - I’ve made these a few times now- they are my favorite cookie (and that includes the bad sugar & flour options too). Thanks Carrie for all the hard work to create these beauties! I can totally do this forever thanks to you!

carrie - Raye – THANK YOU so much for your kind words! You make my heart happy.

Julie - Awesome! Just made these tonight. We have been on a sugar purge and were about to break down. These saved the day! Thank you!

Julie - I only used half the syrup and they turned out great. They took 15 minutes in my oven to show color and we’re quite chewy. Yum.

Jeanne - Carrie, how do these keep? Freezer or a sealed tin on the counter? I live alone and the thought of 32 cookies in the house is overwhelming. I might halve the batch.
Please advise.

carrie - Jeanne – they should freeze well, although I have never had any last long enough to make it to the freezer!