The Big Breakfast Adventure | Geraldine’s Counter

(In case you missed how the Big Breakfast Adventure got started, you can read it  here:  How it all began)

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!  The first Big Breakfast Adventure of 2011.  I seriously thought I would be through all 55 Best Breakfasts in Seattle by the time 2010 drew to a close.  I guess I’ve been gone a lot since March when this whole breakfast shenanigans started.  And then there were those times when I just snuck off to double dip favorite past Big Breakfast Adventures instead of working on down the list.  Oooops!

Today was particularly exciting since it was in a whole new neighborhood to me:  Columbia City.  Getting there:  c’est très facile – over the I-90 bridge and turn left.  There were absolutely, definitely no mountains out today.  Anywhere.  You’d have been forgiven for thinking that Seattle was on a perfectly flat lump of land.  It was pretty quiet out there at 7:15 am, but not so quiet that I didn’t have to check out a few parking spots before I found one that didn’t have a 1 hour limit on it.  Breakfast in under an hour?  Not a chance.  I was in the mood to loll.  My ultimate destination in Columbia City was Geraldine’s Counter.  The breakfast on the menu was the Best French Toast in Seattle.  Now I’m not usually one for a plate of carbs for breakfast, but I’d had a sneak preview of what it was likely to be like so I was pretty excited about this particular plate of carbs.  Geraldine’s Counter has a sister restaurant up on Capitol Hill - Table 219 – where I had the extreme pleasure of downing their Grand Slam.  And that particular breakfast made it on to the list of my favorites for 2010.  So I was reasonably sure that I was in for a treat.

I had no clue Columbia City was such a happenin’ little ‘hood.  Columbia City Bakery was already bristling with early-morning-coffee-and-croissant-munchers.  Must swing by there sometime & check out their bakery wares.

I was there early, before Geraldine had fired up the coffee pot on her counter.  I had planned to meet a gal-pal at 8 am when the doors swung open.  The doors swung.  No gal-pal.  It’s all good.  I am perfectly comfortable eating on my tod.  The adorable shorts-sporting Richard welcomed me in with a huge smile & happily honored my request to put me in the corner where I promptly curled up with a steaming pot of chamomile tea & my little black book.  Nothing like a good scribble over a nice cup of {herbal} char.  Kudos to Richard who, when asked about the Hot Chocolate ‘fessed up that it was just your average warm & wet stuff.  He must have got a gander at the look on my face & realized I get {very} serious about my Hot Chocolate.  The only tea they had was chamomile.  Not my favorite.  Oh well.  I’ll get some anyway.

The pot arrived.  Oh yay!  You really do mean *real* chamomile!  Go Geraldine’s!

 Geraldine’s has the funnest array of tableware.  Everything matched and yet nothing was the same color.  Eclectic yet classy.  Much like the decor & the ambiance.  One of those places where you just feel right at home right away.  Richard helped with that part too.  I mentioned I was supposed to have a companion joining me.  I also mentioned that I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t.  Not everyone gets quite as excited as I do about venturing off early on the weekends to discover great food in new places.

I read the menu up & down (several times – it’s worth the read), sipped my tea, scribbled in my notebook & tweeted & face-booked until it was 8:30.  OK, that’s it.  Hungry.  Time to eat.  I knew that the plate of French Toast was to be mine, but also being sensitive to my need to eat protein at breakfast time I ordered a side of bacon.  But only because I knew that they had the same bacon as Table 219 & I remembered how good that was.  Richard had given me the memo about the French Toast being served up with Honeyed Peaches today.  Peaches are not my favorite fruit, so I was a touch disappointed at the news.  I shouldn’t have worried.  The French Toast was outrageously good; and the peaches were spectacular.

Yeah, just look at that peach.  All that fresh, juicy, peachy goodness.  I just know you want to eat it.  I bet you can almost taste it, and feel that juice slipping out the corner of your mouth as you bite into it.  Uh-huh.  Like that.  The peaches were amazing:  tinged with pink in the middle & bursting with sweet, intense flavor.

The French Toast – I don’t know how they do it.  Thick as Texas Toast but lighter than air.  Deliciously crunchy around the edges but softer than a cloud in the middle.  Impossibly buttery.  Ridiculously creamy.  I have never been a French Toast fan, but Geraldine’s is enough to change my mind about the whole matter.  It’s not a big thing in England, and as Bob the (British) Potter so indignantly asked (all the way from France) over Facebook while I was dreamily devouring my last few bites,  ”Can’t you just call it Eggy Bread like everyone else?”  Well, Bob, where’s the fun in that? :-)  In France, oddly enough, it’s called Pain Perdu and they don’t eat it for breakfast.  Funny old world.

I ate every last little bite.  It was entirely scrumptious.  Probably my favorite plate of breakfast carbs.  Well, it would be a toss-up between them and the Gingerbread Waffles at Coastal Kitchen or the Chestnut Pancakes at Volterra.

Richard allowed me a lovely leisurely breakfast curled up in my corner with the Best French Toast in Seattle.   Thank you!  There were a few other things on their menu that have been tucked away in my “when I’ve finished the Big Breakfast Adventure” food notebook.  It may be a while before I get back there, but if you’ve never been I thoroughly recommend it.  Thoroughly.

Phew.  Stuffed (very pleasantly).  Off to PCC to find some Carob Chips.  I am going to make Mr. Nyheim’s Carob Ice Cream (recipe coming soon!) if it is the last thing that I do.  I love PCC, although I almost never go there…it is just so expensive.  Which reminds me of Miss Connie’s oh-so-eloquent musings from yesterday:  “It’s like a museum.  I love to go there & look at all the wonderful things, but I know that I can’t touch anything.”

Good job I was so filled up with French Toast from Geraldine’s.  Happy Saturday!


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Alissa - Lighting and composition is awesome.

N - So jealous of your discipline in getting up early for breakfast! I’ve tried so few in Seattle. I’m not exactly a morning person. :)

cb - That’s funny…because I often get frustrated because some of the breakfast places open so LATE! The 10 o’clock openers make me nuts – I am starving by then!!! :-) You should come on a BBA with me sometime….(we’ll pick a 10 am one :-) )

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Foodie Favorites of 2010

Urged by a bunch of lovely readers who wanted the bottom line list of where to head for a truly great breakfast, I was planning on doing a “Best of…” tribute to my food adventures of 2010.  While I was contemplating my list it struck me just how subjective  “best” is & that my opinion is merely that:  my opinion.  Plus, how do you choose a “best” when you are comparing such wildly different dishes as Octopus Hash & Belgian Waffles?  You just can’t compare Eggs Benedict & Crepes, Oeufs en Meurette & Corned Beef Hash or Quiche & Baked Eggs.

So I didn’t.  Instead, here are my favorite foodie moments of the year.

Favorite Seattle Breakfasts of 2010

Incredible Chestnut & Buckwheat Pancakes @ Volterra


Breakfasts that I have eaten 3 times or more in 2010

Bacon, Cauliflower & Smoked Mozarella Quiche @ Honore


Favorite non-Seattle Breakfasts of 2010

Lemon Cream Tart @ Tartine


Favorite Seattle Dinners of 2010

Seared Sashimi Grade Ahi Tuna @ Waterfront Grill


Favorite non-Seattle Dinners of 2010

Seafood Plate @ Blue Fin


Favorite Hot Chocolates of 2010


cb's Hot Chocolate



 2010 was a fantastic year for my mouth.  Looking forward to 2011!  A lot.

Bon Appetit!

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The Big Breakfast Adventure | Geraldine’s Counter » Marmalade and Mile Posts - [...] pleasure of downing their Grand Slam.  And that particular breakfast made it on to the list of my favorites for 2010.  So I was reasonably sure that I was in for a [...]

A {culinary} fork in the road

I apologize.  I fear this note may become a little gushing, a bit on the sensitive side, even perhaps a little emotional.  But it needs to be said.  Forgive me.  It is what it is.

So I feel like I’ve unwittingly reached a bit of a crossroads.  Or a fork in the road maybe.  No.  That’s not it.  A fork in the road has only two paths to choose from – or to go back the way you came, and that would never do.  It must be a {culinary} fork in the road.

Since this bloglet came tip-toeing quietly into the world 9 months ago it appears to have been growing into something rather more than I had imagined.  It had never occurred to me to write a food blog, despite my culinary background & fondness for {great} food, so it’s very existence was all a bit of an accident really.

It started out quite innocently enough.  These things always do, don’t they?  I planned to start a photography blog where I logged my plethora of travel adventures.  I regularly packed up Ralph, my trusty 4-Runner, & headed off to think & photograph & write & just be.  This virtual notebook was to be a place where I could dollop all those experiences & images & endless scrappy bits of paper with equally scrappy scribble on them into something tangible.  A container if you will…a kind of online scrapbook.  Just for me, really.  I can’t believe I just aligned myself with the idea of a scrapbook.  Mercy.  So I built a website & was waiting for my next horizon to roll into view.

With my next new horizon not scheduled until towards the end of March, out of the blue I decided, in a moment of spontaneous abandon, (which just goes to prove what mischief you can get up to at the hairdressers) that I was going to eat my way through the 55 Best Breakfasts in Seattle.  I called it The Big Breakfast Adventure.  I am not sure at what point I decided to include it on my virgin blog, but I suppose that I must have.  You can read the very first breakfast adventure here.  My very first post.  I was off!  I had a blog.  It just wasn’t the blog I had planned.  But oh! it was fun!

Then, before I knew it, I had a big ol’ bunch of readers from all over the {world-wide} joint following along on my Big Breakfast Adventure, whether they lived in Seattle or not, whether they knew me or not.

“When I read your blog I just want to lick my computer screen”.

“Your food blog is my happy place”.

“You write brilliantly.  I think you’ve found your niche:  not just the photography, but the writing too”.

Were they really talking about my little bloglet??

Then one day in October I just threw caution to the wind & rambled on about {a particularly tasty bucket of} Kentucky Fried Chicken, despite that fact that I thought my burgeoning band of happy blog-followers might desert me for wilfully getting all touchy feely.  And about {fast-food} chicken to boot.  But the strangest thing happened.  I got an avalanche of emails, calls, texts…messages in all their forms.  People loved the chicken love.  I was surprised.  I was stunned.  Who knew how much people would relate to KFC?  Who knew how much people would be moved by a tiny glimpse into the life of cb?

A few days later I realized, as if in an instant, that I was excited about food again.  When I found a new treat somewhere I wanted to photograph it & share my new love with the world.  Or at least a little corner of it.  The way you rush home to tell your nearest & dearest, & surprise them with a delicious new treat that you hope will make their mouths smile & their taste-buds sing.  Yes.  Like that.  Only I found, not so surprisingly, that my beloved kitties just didn’t quite share my blissful enthusiasm for most of my tasty treasures.  Now I admit, Dougal really does like getting his way with a piece of KFC when a bucket of bird makes it’s way home.  And Florence (aka The Dairy Queen) will always appear, in stealth mode, as if out of thin air, when ice cream or cream cheese are out & about.  But the other stuff.  Nah.

Then I had this urge to share what I knew about ingredients, especially strange ones that might add some spice, as it were, to a few new kitchens.  Plus a mounting barage of requests to share my own recipes.

Still other lovely readers were demanding to know when I was going to start The Delicious Dinner Adventure so they would know where to head for a great evening meal.

So what does a girl do?

She eats & cooks & snaps & writes & then pushes that magic blue button in WordPress: “PUBLISH”.

But expanding the whole food bit somehow didn’t seem to fit into the purpose of the original photography blog.

Thus, I found myself - after 9 months of veritable gestation – at the point of birth.  I conceived.  I pondered.  I brainstormed.  I cogitated.  I chewed the cud.  I ate lots of chocolate.  I made the leap.  I pushed…& Foodie Footnotes was born.

So, lovely readers far & wide, I do hope you’ll stay & linger longer.  Take the bits you love, the bits that make you smile, the bits that make you roar until your belly aches, the bits that stir up your emotions & the bits that make you want to rush off & do something.  Whether that something be to eat Tom’s Big Breakfast at Lola, rustle up a batch of Raspberry Cheesecake Ice Cream or just buy a Lumpy Bumpy Bar at Trader Joe’s.

And then just merrily skip over the bits that don’t inspire you.  Of course it is my hope that it all does, but I won’t mind at all if there’s some things that just don’t float your boat.  Not everyone gets excited at the prospect of eating sheep’s lung & I totally get that, even if I don’t quite understand it.

THANK YOU for following along.  All feedback is {very} gratefully received.

Please share my little bloglet with anyone that you know that might just love it too.  They can take the bits they love & leave the bits they don’t, just like you.

I wish you wonderfully exciting, fun food adventures & a super-happy mouth.


*SANE™, inSANE, SANEity – terms used in Jonathan Bailor’s books, The Smarter Science of Slim (out of print) and The Calorie Myth.

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bob - Is that really a whole untouched bowl of rowntrees fruit pastiles in that photo? Love the food blog, love the humour, quite keen on sheeps lung too, but rowntrees fruit pastiles!!!! thats torture as you can’t find them for love nor money where I live. Keep up the good work and stay excited about what you eat!

cb - Indeed it is! Smuggled lovingly across the pond. Fruit pastille love :-)

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Two boys, one girl & a pile of eggs

Travis!!!  Get here already so we can go EAT!  Since I’d been up for hours I was {completely} famished.  We all met at Shawn’s place…me having just enjoyed a spectacularly beautiful sunrise drive in from Tucson & Travis zooming over from the west-side.  Or whatever they call it in Phoenix.  From over there somewhere, anyway.

Our drive over to T.C.Eggingtons was a total team effort:  I provided the address, Travis drove & Shawn directed.  Woohoo!  We only did one U-turn.  Or was it three?  Once we got on the right side of the freeway everything got a lot easier.  We were laughing so much en route I am surprised we got there at all.

There was a line.  At least the line was only inside the building when we arrived.  By the time we left there was a whole gaggle of folks waiting out on the sidewalk too.

This was totally an UrbanSpoon Mesa pick.  What tickles me is that this #1 brunch spot is a 10 minute drive from Shawn’s house, but he’d never been.  Seems it takes the little English girl who lives in Seattle to figure out where to go to find a hot breakfast spot in Mesa, AZ :-)  (Hi Shawn!  Love you!)

We huddled in the lobby for a few moments with a horde of other hungry breakfast-goers until the charming gentleman running the front desk suggested that if we sat outside on the patio it would all go a lot quicker.  Hey!  Great idea.  Being outside we could also laugh loudly & more obnoxiously without disturbing anyone elses early morning nirvana.  It was a tad chilly on the patio, so they cranked up the patio heater for us.  With the sun warming up in the cloudless blue sky it was perfect.

The hot chocolate was the usual disappointment.  Why do I do this to myself?  Am I the only person around who thinks that hot chocolate should taste of, well, chocolate?  And that “whipped topping” is just an abomination.  Sigh.  Shawn had a very yummy strawberry smoothie thing which got passed around the table of couple of times & Travis went with a cup of coffee.  No clue how the coffee worked out.  (Chime in any time Trav!)

We were so busy talking & laughing (again) that it needed several promptings from our tireless server to get us to order some food.  Then it all got a bit tricky.  Huge menu.  Here’s part 2 of it.  So many choices.  The menu came with a large piece of chicken wire for a front cover.  Cute.

What to eat?  It all sounded so good.  A little help from our long-suffering server resulted in 3 omelettes heading towards our laughter-filled table.  O’Pear Grenache for Shawn, Greek Fetash for Travis & The Eggington for me.  Good names for omelettes.  Plus Shawn ordered an enormous plate of something titled: English Toast with a French Flair.  Reminded me that we met in England.

Greek Fetash: feta & Jack cheeses, artichoke hearts, zucchini, onion, totamo & parsley

While we were waiting for our omelettes the conversation & laughter fired up again.  We broke one of the cardinal rules of conversation:  don’t discuss politics or religion.  I am sure the rule doesn’t apply when you all love each other as much as we do.  So we went ahead & had a wildly spirited conversation about religion.  We even felt the need to apologize to our neighboring omelette-eaters.  Ooooops.

Our energetic religious exchange helped us work up quite an appetite & the omelettes went down fast & furious with us all sharing mouthfuls of each others plates.  It was quite the omelette-fest.

O’Pear Grenache: Bosc Pear, Havarti cheese, almonds & bacon

The omelettes were delicious: the fillings were interesting combinations of ingredients that none of us had tried before.  I am not sure which omelette I liked best, but I do know that there were choruses of “yums” repeatedly around the table until the plates were clean.

The Eggington: Chicken, mushrooms, broccoli & cream cheese covered in Hollandaise sauce

The Parlor Potatoes were lovely.  The muffin was…actually, I don’t know.  I wasn’t in a muffin mood so I sent it packing back to the kitchen.   I am sure it was a very lovely muffin.

The French Toast was where it went a bit sideways for me.  And it wasn’t the French Toast that was wrong.  It was what they served it with.  One word: margarine.  Enough said.  I was seriously surprised though.  Such a shame.  One bite & that went the same way as the muffin, just not for the same reason.

This was a most splendid breakfast & I would suggest that you brave the line to get some eggy, yummy appetite-busters for yourself.  Great omelettes, lovely ambiance, friendly efficient service.  You might not get the same witty, scintillating banter that the Waldron boys dish up at every opportunity, but I am certain that you will have a most delightful breakfast at T.C.Eggingtons.

T.C. Eggington

*SANE™, inSANE, SANEity – terms used in Jonathan Bailor’s books, The Smarter Science of Slim (out of print) and The Calorie Myth.

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Keli Couts - Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your posts. Thanks, Keli

Seemingly Endless

Truly, I was in a really good mood when I wandered into Village Bake House this morning.  In fact, I was excited.  I had been waiting to have breakfast here for 3 days, but they closed over Christmas so I had to wait.  Sigh.

Given my good mood I am not sure quite what sent me sideways.  I didn’t even notice that I had gone sideways until I got half way through jotting down my footnotes & realized there wasn’t a lot of positives there on the page.

Maybe it was because they had Alvin & the Chipmunks playing?  Maybe it was because I was the youngest person in the joint by at least 20 years & I felt somewhat out of place?  Maybe it was because everyone knew each other except me & I felt like a bit of a {giant} gooseberry?  Maybe it was because the surly owner had a smile that said, “I”m smiling because I have to, not because I want to”.

Who knows; but here’s my {seemingly endless} list of peeves:

  • It wasn’t clear what one was supposed to do having made it inside the door.  There was a box of menus there but no sign indicating what the procedure was.  So I stood there a little while & then just went & sat at a table with a menu.  Nothing happened.  I got up and wandered over to the display case.
  • After a few minutes a lady came over to the counter & asked me what I wanted.  She was as warm as a bowl of cold rice pudding.  I tried to strike up a jolly conversation.  It was clear she just wanted to know what I wanted so that she could get on with her day.  I wondered if she was just pissed because she’d had to come back to work after a  2 day break.  I wondered if she was feeling unwell.
  • I asked questions about the menu which elicited responses that had me feeling alternately like an idiot & a total pain in the a**.  Neither of those feelings were particularly pleasant.
  • I asked how their hot chocolate was.  The response was “It’s great, we make it with steamed milk”.  I’m not sure why that would particularly make great hot chocolate, but I went with it.
  • I have never had my hot chocolate served to me in a cardboard carry-out cup when I’ve been eating in.  What’s up with that?  I really like drinking out of glass or china when I am eating in.
  • Ever hopeful, I was (once again) disappointed with the entire lack of chocolate in the hot chocolate.  If I had had my eyes closed I would have thought it was hot milk.  But since they steamed the milk, that makes it great, right?
  • The place was 2/3rds empty & there was no line of carry-out customers, but I still waited for (what seemed like) an eternity (over 20 minutes) for my breakfast to appear.  Even I was getting bored, the girl who can keep herself amused ad infinitum.

  • When my Stuffed French Toast finally arrived (covered – and I mean covered  – in powdered sugar) it came with two pats of butter & a jug of maple syrup.  Why?  Where was I supposed to put the butter?  Spread it on the powdered sugar?  Where was the maple syrup supposed to be poured.  Surely not over the French Toast?  Mercy.
  • I was half way through my Stuffed French Toast before I stumbled upon a raspberry.  It was called Cream Cheese & Raspberry Stuffed French Toast.  Enough said.
  • The potatoes were spicy hot.  They belonged with lunch, not with Cream Cheese & Raspberry Stuffed French Toast.
  • The bacon had a fantastic flavor but it was such an effort to cut.  Hate fighting with my food.
  • Once my plate had been deposited in front of me I was not spoken to again.  No check-in, no thank you, not even a glance.
  • I left feeling like no one there had even been aware of my existence.

Stuffed French Toast with raspberries & cream cheese

 Don’t mis-understand me (although I can totally see why you might…).  This was by no means a bad breakfast, by a long way.  For the most part I enjoyed it, but the whole experience was sprinkled with annoying little faux pas, which together all added up to a really disappointing time of it.

I went online & read the reviews afterwards to see if it was me, if it was just a bad day for VBH or if I should have read the reviews more carefully before I rolled up.  I discovered that the surly owner’s surliness is a permanent fixture.  I discovered that people love their pastries, their sandwiches, their carry-out items.  I discovered that eating breakfast in is not what they are famed for.

As always, everyone needs to make their own mind (and taste-buds) up about whether they like something or not.  I would like to try their pastries because based on the reviews I am certain that they are good.  But I don’t have any desire to feel the way that I felt being a customer of VBH.  Eating out is so much more than just the food.  It’s china mugs when your customer eats in, it’s smiling at your customers like you’re glad to be there, it’s saying thank you, it’s serving up the food in a timely manner, it’s making everyone feel welcome, it’s being honest.

All in all, I’d {much} rather go to Trader Joe’s two doors down, buy some orange-cranberry muffins & sit on the sidewalk outside munching on them for my breakfast.

If you decide to go to VBH I sincerely hope that you have a great experience.  You deserve it.  I am just not convinced that you will get it.

Village Bakehouse on Urbanspoon

*SANE™, inSANE, SANEity – terms used in Jonathan Bailor’s books, The Smarter Science of Slim (out of print) and The Calorie Myth.

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Peg - I agree wholeheartedly about the unfriendliness (for the most part) of the staff. Just one quibble about the food comments – who CUTS bacon? Bacon is a finger food! Hey, I’ll stay home and make stupendous stuffed French toast with leftover Ecce Panis Semolina bread that I get from Sprouts!

cb - Ha ha Peg! I guess that’s a cultural difference – I ws born in England and we eat bacon with a knife and fork :-) Now I have permission to eat it with my fingers: THANK YOU!

Cyn - I think your all full of it. I love the VBH, and have been going there for years, and I will keep on going there regaurdless of your review. The staff there always makes me feel welcome. In my eyes, and many others, there doing a great job!
So if you dont know what to do when you walk in and there’s a menu to your left -right as you walk in- and registers directly in front of you with people waiting there to take your order….then maybe thers something wrong with you. Its not a full service place, but I think there service is just fine!!!

cb - Hi Cyn!

I am thrilled that you enjoy VBH. I wish that had been my experience too. However, just because I didn’t have a great experience on the day that I went it doesn’t mean that my opinion was not truthful, is not valid or that I am “full of it” or have something wrong with me. You and I just have very different opinions and that is just fine. I am certain that at some time in your life you have eaten somewhere that you didn’t enjoy. And I am also certain that there are a lot of people who have been to that same place and loved it. I doubt that you would appreciate one of those someones telling you that there is something wrong with you because your opinion differed from theirs.

I don’t expect anyone to change their likes & dislikes because of my reviews. My opinions are my own and people can use them as they see fit. But please, allow me to share my experience honestly as you yourself like to do.

I wish you many wonderful visits to VBH.


Mike Gross - Me and my wife went today (Valentine’s Day) for a different experience from the restaurant/diners down here in southeast Tucson (incidentally, found the ad in the phone book). It was different alright. Because of the chilly weather, there was no outside eating so people were packed in the little room like sardines. But the food and coffee was very good and the service was good. Will probably return after the place is expanded which one of the employees stated will happen this summer.

cb - Mike – I am really glad that your wife & you had a great time at this spot! Thanks for sharing your experience. Happy Valentine’s Day!